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Harry Kikstra's Guidebook  about Denali

"This is the ultimate `bible' dedicated to climbing McKinley. What a pleasure to read an up-to-date, comprehensive guidebook for climbing in one of the most beautiful yet inhospitable environments on Earth."


-- Jake Meyer, who in 2005 became the youngest man to complete the seven summits


Harry Kikstra
UK price 9.99/ US price $14,95
 weight 115g/4oz
  • Paperback: 96pp+3pp map flap
  • Publisher: Rucksack Readers; Spiral edition (October 30, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1898481539
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.7 x 0.3 inches

    Denali, Summit of North America,

    by Harry Kikstra (


    At 6194 m (20,320 ft) Denali (Mt McKinley) is the highest mountain in North America. Its arctic latitude makes for extreme weather conditions and its remote location in the Alaskan wilderness means that climbing teams must be self-reliant and experienced. The book focuses on the West Buttress route used by 80-90% of climbers.

    The pocket-sized guidebook provides all you need to plan and enjoy your summit attempt:

    * concise advice about preparation and planning
    * how to prevent and manage altitude sickness
    * practical tips on load-carrying and, glacier travel and camping
    * an extensive gearlist and advice on the use of sleds
    * fold-out map showing the West Buttress route
    * step-by-step description of the route and campsites
    * 96 waterproof pages with open-flat binding
    * in full colour, with over 60 photographs, some of them full page.

    It is the same size as the Aconcagua pocket guide and fits in most pockets, being only 115grams/4oz and 14.5 x 11.5 x 0.8cm in size (5.7 x 4.5 x 0.3 inch). It can handle the snow you will meet on Denali without weakening the pages.

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    2.3 Alaska, the 49th State

    3.8 Summit Day

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    Readers reviews:

    Received by email from Burt Smith


    Harry, Duwaine and I absolutely love your books. The format is fantastic and the content very useful. We are using it and "The Art of Glacier Travel" to prepare for Rainier and then Denali. I also appreciate you signing our copies.

    Does 7summits lead excursions up Rainier? We are going to be looking for an outfitter to do some training and then gain some experience with them. If not, can you recommend someone good?

    Thanks again!


    From J. Beede:

    Wow! A message from Harry himself!! I used your guides on both Denali and on Aconcagua and found them both very, very helpful!! So, thanks for writing them and doing such a great job. The Everest guide is right next to me now as I plan for 2011.

    Thanks again for everything, Harry.


    Miscellanous reviews

    Comment from a seven summiteer

    This is the ultimate `bible' dedicated to climbing McKinley. What a pleasure to read an up-to-date, comprehensive guidebook for climbing in one of the most beautiful yet inhospitable environments on Earth. The wonderful pictures remind me of the awe-inspiring scale of the Alaska Range and a memorable expedition. It's informative, enjoyable and beautifully presented, and should be top of every Denali adventurer's kit list, to accompany them every step of the way.

    The format is snowproof, windproof and probably climberproof. In the military, we use TAMs (Tactical Aide Memoires) to cope with every imaginable situation, and Harry's book is the ultimate TAM for climbing Denali. Whether it guides you to the summit, or merely adds to the library of the armchair adventurer, this book is an essential part of the team.



    -- Jake Meyer, who in 2005 became the youngest man to complete the seven summits

    Also the lead Ranger supplied feedback during writing and afterwards:


    "This book contains lots of good information and advice and it'll help you prepare for your expedition. But to climb Denali you also need patience and hunility"

    -- Daryl R Miller, South District Ranger, Denali National Park & Preserve

    Review from


    "Denali: Summit of North America

    yes, it's that time again. Time to go and freeze your a** off for weeks on a monster mountain for... well, it doesn't matter what for. Go big or go home, we say. And if you're going big on Denali, this little gem of a book is required reading.


    I admit I was pretty suspicious at first, but the author gets it right with his advice on tackling the Big D. The author is Harry Kikstra, who has summitted Denali twice via the popular and non-technical West Buttress route. He also maintains the website for those people whose egos are writing checks their bodies can't cash.


    Whatever. The point is the book has some good advice, everything from a concise summary of the effects of altitude to dealing with the extreme cold to GPS coordinates for camps. This book rivals Coombs' Denali's West Buttress in information content and has the advantage of being even smaller (and waterproof!), as well as more recent. Kikstra takes pains to be even-handed as he describes the advantages and disadvantages of going guided vs. unguided and other topics.


    As the author states, "...climbing Everest is good preparation for climbing Denali." It's a serious rock, and this book does it justice in the smallest possible format. So if you absolutely, positively have to freeze your johnson off at altitude, give this guidebook a try."


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