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Application form

Reserve your place on the 7 summits list!


We are working on the new and improved 7summits site.

Please note that the previous form produced errors and if you have sent us your info recently, it has not arrived, our apologies.


Please email with your personal and summit details so we can add you to the lists.


- Full names

- Gender

- Nationality

- Date of Birth

(if you are writing on behalf of a deceased climber, please indicate so and include the date of passing away)


Per summit:

- Date of summiting

- route, other important details (no oxygen etc)

- team/teammates/guides


Please be very clear with dates; i.e. if you write 1/3/00, we don't know if you mean 3rd of January (US) or 1st March (rest of the world). Please write the month's name, i.e. 3-Jan-2000 etc.



Please add any personal bio/info you want to share, as well as blog URL's etc.

Please add summit photos as well, these can be shared on


Thanks in advance!