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Legal Stuff that should keep laywers at bay...

Dear fellow adventurers!

First of all a warning: climbing mountains can kill you just as easily as driving a car or eating a five day old pizza.


It is creeping into world culture to blame everything on everybody but oneself.

Don't. It is your own responsibility to make sure you and your climbing partners are fit, skilled, informed and equipped enough before you try anything adventurous as hiking or climbing, especially in foreign countries. Don't blame this website or it's owners, your friends or family, higher beings or even your fellow climbers for any physical or mental injury, lethal or not; in the end it's you who did the things you did. Please think about that for a second or 2.


All information on this website and in the newsletters  is put here in good faith; is not responsible for any inaccuracies or anything going wrong as a result of these. Also not all information posted here is authored or approved us as visitors can post on the forum, guestbook etc. If anything on this site is incorrect, insulting or doing you wrong, please notify us and we will check it out.


Prices and terms for expeditions are normally guaranteed. In general we do not even charge raised park fees if the booking has been confirmed before the rise has been known, unless the rise in fees is so high that we cannot bear the extra costs. We reserve the right to increase the costs charged accordingly or cancel the booking. This is also true for obvious calculation mistakes.


Be wise on the mountains and in life in general, respect nature, other cultures, yourself and your fellow climbers and you will probably be ok for a long time; remember: reaching the summit is only half of the story, getting down ok is the only way to tell about your accomplishments. Act sensibly, enjoy the wonderful world and make sure future generations can do the same.

Secondly, We would like to let you now that all material on this site is copyrighted by, whether indicated or not. If you feel that this is not doing you justice or if you would like to use our texts, pages, statistics or pictures, just contact us. We have spent many hours making this website, please respect our work.

I had to ask many sites to remove pictures they stole from my site.
As a reminder: this is illegal; your ISP will close your site if you do not remove stolen pictures or texts and you can be sued.

If you ask me nicely you will find out that most pics or texts can be used, especially when they are used in a non profit way. For profit sites and publications simply pay a fee depending on exposure etc. Please email info @ for exact quotes.

If you took any info or photos and have gotten permission to use them, please credit as following:

"Information/picture from 
Copyright Harry Kikstra,"

With texts, please add a date as the site changes.

Last but not least a note about privacy: your privacy is respected, we will not use your email address or any other information about you for anything else than sending you the newsletter you subscribed to or answering your questions. Please also see the mailinglist info about this. and the internal and external scripts used on this site will place 'cookies' on your computer. This is needed for the site's functinality, for example to automatically log you in and remember your settings.


By using the site you accept all of the above.

All the best wishes, keep climbing,

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