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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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About the trips: terms & conditions, useful info and more : Do you organize Zanzibar trips or tickets?  

Q: I would like to go to the beach after my climb, do you recommend that and can I buy a package with you? Or just plane tickets?


It might be nice to relax and have some time on the beach after your climb. However, does not offer any Zanzibar packages or flights.
This is because:

- Most package tours are more expensive than things you can arrange when you just fly there and get a room on the spot
- Package tours are not flexible: there are as many options and preferences as there are people, so no fixed package will fit all. If you book your own, you can go wherever you like and leave a place if you have seen it.
- We like to focus on the mountains :)

You can still book them at the hotel in Moshi if needed.
Note that tickets to Zanzibar (from JRO/Kili airport) ae usually cheaper when booked abroad, though any of the regular booking sites. Normally these are between $160 & $300 per person oneway, but it will be much cheaper if you combine this art in your international ticket. Usually there are a few flights per day, all during the daytime.


If you only have time for a Safari or a stay on Zanzibar, we recommend to take the safari instead. Costs will be about the same, but though Zanzibar is great, there are many nice beaches around the world, but the NgoroNgoro Crater and Serengeti are one of a kind and definitely worth the visit.


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