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Wise words for hard moments...

Sometimes you have no clue how to continue, whether on a steep mountain, in your armchair or behind your desk. 

But the quotes come to the rescue! We have collected a bunch of motivating, humorous and serious qoutes from famous and not so famous people.

Most of them relate to mountaineering in one way or another although even we don't always see the connection :-)

Motivational climbing quote 1:

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page." --Saint Augustine

Motivational climbing quote 2:

"Mountains are to the rest of the body of the earth, what violent muscular action is to the body of man. The muscles and tendons of its anatomy are, in the mountain, brought out with force and convulsive energy, full of expression, passion, and strength." -- John Ruskin 1819-1900, British Critic, Social Theorist

Motivational climbing quote 3:

"It is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty than to live a long time and be bored all the while." -- Don Marquis

Motivational climbing quote 4:

"Why ? Why, why, why do I do this ???" -- Chuck Pratt.

Motivational climbing quote 5:

"Climbing is not a spectator sport." -- Mark Wellman.

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