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Bruce, our lead guide


Though we have many skilled guides and assistent guides that might help our clients reach their summit, most of our Kilimanjaro trips are guided by one of the lead guides, Bruce. He will introduce himself:


My real name is George Lawrence Lyimo, but My nickname is Bruce and I was born in November 1979.
I'm the A level secondary leaver graduating in 1998 with addititional NOLS training in 2002, and proffessional first aid graduate at NOLS in 2004 in Kenya.

I took my flora and fauna in East Africa course with Kilimanjaro National Park in 2003 and I successfully passed with A grade. And I was involved in a research which tried to determine the causes of Jan 4th deaths of Americans at the Western Breach route.

photo: Bruce with part of the 13 person Judy Scavone group. her feedback as well as some other recent comments about our climbs, organisation and of couse Bruce are below:


Hi Harry,

We had a marvelous time, from start to finish. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I am currently in Mali, visiting my daughter Neda; so I am working on a French keyboard, and I hope this email goes out.

I felt that we received over-the-top service for the price we paid. The safari was excellent: the drivers Gordie and Thomas were wonderful and the food and lodging were fantastic. The Springlands was absolutely delightful; the staff were great and so was the food.

More importantly, the climb was an incredible experience, and we definitely feel that we owe our success to your Lead Guide Bruce and his right-hand man, Faraja. All of the porters were very friendly and hard-working, and the assistant guides John, Hamisi, Deo, qnd Seefa were very attentive in their professionalism, patience and expertise. They personally encouraged each one of us to reach the summit, and we were all happy afterwards that we did.

Kilimanjaro is a beautiful peak! We are so glad to have had the opportunity to visit.
If I could make one suggestion, it would be to request that more effort be made by every team to pick up more of the trash on the mountain.

Thanks for a wonderful trip; I will definitely be recommending your service to my friends and acquaintances.


Judy Scavone

Judith Scavone and group, 13 persons, Kilimanjaro and safari, 2006


And she added this about Bruce in separate email:


"Bruce is extremely personable, and has a good command of English.

He was unflappable in the face of difficulty: the bus broke down on the way to Lemosho, and we all had to be shuttled up to the trailhead. I thought at that time that we could have trouble accomplishing our goal, but Bruce made sure we got to the trailhead, and brought up the rear, escorting our group to the Big Tree Camp, where we arrived after dark, and from that point we were off and running.


At every break, Bruce checked with members of the party, to see how they were feeling. Members of the party were impressed with his knowledge of mountain safety and altitude sickness, as well as his knowledge of the flora of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


We hit a pretty good rainstorm on the way to Karanga Camp, and while we huddled in our tents drying out, Bruce and Faraja went around and dug trenches around our tents to alleviate flooding. He also came out and adjusted the fly on my tent, which was allowing water to leak through at one spot. The tents were always up and ready for us as we got to camp.


Bruce was willing to adjust the schedule when allowable. For instance, at my request, we slept in for an extra hour at Barranco Valley, after the exertions of the previous day. On our return from the summit, he allowed some of the party to rest a bit longer before breaking camp and moving down to Millenium.

Bruce arranged to have 5 guides working with our party on Summit day, and they each did a fabulous job, giving personal attention and encouragement above and beyond what was expected. My niece Macaire wanted to stop at the Crater Rim, but Bruce jollied her along, cajoling her and insisting that she would be sorry if she did not go all the way to Uhuru Peak, and he was absolutely correct. He did not have to spend that extra time and energy on Macaire, and it was awfully nice of him.


In fact, I can say sincerely that our expectations were exceeded, and delightfully so.


It was an awesome trip, Harry, and I wish I could do it again tomorrow. Please use my name to anyone who would like a reference, and thanks again for offering this trip at such a reasonable cost.


Best Regards,

Judy Scavone"

" Harry, Tanzania was more than wonderful. I thought kili was beautiful though much tougher than billed, even though all 13 of us summited. Safari was grand, period. Zara and bruce and team catered to our every need,same with springlands. I'll remember all these connections for future trips and reccomend you to friends; good job harry, Bob "

Robert Sattler, part of 13 person Judy Scavone group, Kilimanjaro and safari 2006



"Harry Kikstra, The view from the highest rock in Africa was quite incredible! Thought I'd let you know everything was superb and ran smoothly during our climb! Thanks so much for the assistance man, it was an unforgettable time and everyone made summit. The tour company was excellent. (...) Thanks again for everything! Until my next climb, take care! cheers, Cyrus Moqtaderi "

Cyrus Moqtaderi, part of 6 person group, Kilimanjaro 2005/6


I just wanted to let you know what a great trip we had in July. The safari and climb were outstanding. Wandar was our safari guide and he worked hard for us to see all the big 5 plus cheetahs. Our guides Bruce and Living were great on the Kili climb. They both were very professional and knowledgable. We both made it to the top without problems. It was very well run and the food was great too. I would highly recommend them for future clients. We talked to people with other guides who did not have our great experience. It was a trip of a lifetime.


Doug Thompson and Marc Reichel, Kilimanjaro 2006