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Kilimanjaro is a beautiful, non technical mountain that can be climbed by anyone with a fair condition, patience and some $$. It is relatively costly because of the high obligatory park fees and the porters and guides, but we offer the the best quality for great prices.
There are several routes up the mountains, you can see a graphical overview on the Kilimanjaro routes page, where you can see the different variations. As you can read on the Kili tips page we recommend to take (at least) one day extra on the mountain to acclimatize properly, but also we like you to visit more of Tanzania while you are there; so any combination with (walking) safari's we can organize. Just email us your request and we will help you with a trip of a lifetime! offers tailor-made trips of the highest standards for prices far lower than most other group trips! Contact us with your wishes and we'll get you a good deal, check below for the standard pricelist of the Kilimanjaro trips, Safari tours and Mt Meru climbs, anything can be added to your choice.

On our extensive Kilimanjaro trips FAQ page you can read information about our booking process, what's included, tips to give and other useful and practical information. It also includes a warning about operators that offer higher as well as lower prices. Read more about our lead guide Bruce here.





Kilimanjaro Expeditions Prices until December 2017

Each trip to Kilimanjaro is a custom one, with a minimum # of 2 people only and no large groups filled with strangers! All prices are below, so no hidden cost or need for sending in forms before you know what you will have to pay. We also offer free information, FAQ's, tips and much more, just browse around!

We are confident you will like our services and prices, therefore we even allow our competitors to advertise on our site as you can see on top of these pages! You can compare the prices and services yourself and you will come back to, the climbers' guiding company like many other customers before you :-)


Note that the route descriptions contain the minimum recommended lengths of the climbs. We recommend to take at least 7 days, with 8 being much better and 9 or even 10 days possible. Read customers comments about their experiences and longer trips!


* No fixed dates, so every date/timeframe is possible without extra costs!

* quotes for other/longer routes or combinations on request.

* All prices are per person in US$, ex-Moshi, Tanzania
* Check here for a route overview and map

* No large groups with strangers, all trips are custom


Group size:

Extra day



($50 pp discount)

6+ ($100pp discount)
Costs per person, in USD $
Machame Route: 7 days / 6 nights  on the mountain + 2 nights at hotel 2000 1950 1900 225
Machame Route: 8 days / 7 nights  on the mountain + 2 nights at hotel 2225 2175 2125 225
Rongai Route:     7 days / 6 nights on the mountain + 2 nights at hotel* 2000* 1950* 1900* 225
Recommended route: The Lemosho-Machame combination route; with option to sleep in our special Crater Camp (on 9/10 days routes only!)
Lemosho-Machame:  8 days/7 nights on the mountain + 2 at hotel * 2225* 2175* 2125* 225
Lemosho-Machame:  9 days/8 nights on the mountain + 2 at hotel * 2450* 2400* 2350* 225
Lemosho-Machame: 10 days/9 nights on the mountain + 2 at hotel * 2675* 2625* 2575* 225
Extra costs for Crater Camp: our special glacier camp at 5700m/18,700ft! 250 250 250  
(only possible with routes of 9 or more days due to the altitude; per person)
        Extra days
Shorter routes, only for acclimatised/experienced/strong climbers:       Marangu, pppd

Marangu Route, Umbwe Route, Rongai Route* or Machame Route

6 days / 5 nights on the mountain + 2 nights at hotel**

1750 1700 1650 225

Please see the Kilimanjaro FAQ for information about what's (not) included, needed gear, tipping etc.


Surcharges for special routes:

* There is a $120 vehicle surcharge per group on the Lemosho Routes & Rongai Route. Note that this addition is per group, not per person, so for a group of 4, this is $30pp etc.


- We can organise a solo trip (just one climber) for a $250 supplement.

- Does your group/team grow after booking? Then we will give all of you the applicable lower rate!

- The Western Breach is still closed until further notice.

- ** Shorter trips than 7 days are not recommended and only possible if you are already acclimatised or if you climb Mt Meru beforehand.  Please read this FAQ about the recommended Kilimanjaro trip length.

- These prices are based on the current 2015 park fees and salaries. If they increase, then our prices will rise accordingly.

- New: All trips include 2 nights half board in our hotel: dinner (2x), night (2x) & breakfast (2x)!

Costs of additional services:

Transport from Kilimanjaro Airport to Moshi, pick-up or drop-off, one way per person (shared with other passengers.)

Gamow/Hyperpressure bag, each, per expedition $100
Oxygen, for emergency/rescue use only, per day $10
Extra personal porters (for excessive camera gear etc), per porter per day. Note that large/pro cameras will need an expensive filming permit. $15



It is really a shame to go to Africa without seeing more of it's beautiful nature and the wildlife, so we offer tailor-made safaris as well. Check out the Safari pages for example itineraries and park/lodging descriptions. You can use the safari for relaxing after your Kilimanjaro climb, but it is actually also a good idea to go on safari before your climb as it will help you acclimatize to the temperature, culture, time zone (very important for summit success!) and even a bit to the altitude as the parks are in the highlands.

 Safari Private Groups Prices valid until December 2017

Anything is possible, and we will fit your safari schedule right in with your Kili climb!

Costs, per person per day, in US$*

Safaris are 3 day minimum, in order to include the Serengeti (recommended!) you need 5 or more days.

Group Size / costs pppd
1 2 3 4+
Basic Camping safari * $525 $395 $340 $315
Highview Hotel/ tented camp (in Serengeti) safari *,** $625 $450 $425 $395
* The new NgoroNgoro park fees are included in the prices above, based on one period (half day) in the crater.

** Other standard lodges are possible but cost $130-195 pppd extra

New: Balloon safari over the Serengeti! Fly at dawn for $520 pp extra, including breakfast in the Serengeti.

An unforgettable experience that can be combined with any Serengeti safari, check here for full info.

Permanent tented camps available in West & Central Serengeti (not NgoroNgoro)
Single supplements for lodge & tented camp safaris: $60 pppd
* Prices are subject to change, due to irregular park fees increases. Though our prices include all park fees as known, in case of an additional increase, these extra fees will be added to the prices above.


Mount Meru

Mt Meru is Kilimanjaro's neighbour volcano, you could climb this 4566m high mountain first and then climb Kilimanjaro in 6 days right after.


Mount Meru Prices

Mount Meru 4 days (3 nights on mountain + 2 nights B&B at Springlands hotel) Price PP (US$) extra day, pp







Our Springlands Hotel, Moshi

One night before and after your climb are already included in all Kilimanjaro packages. If you want to spend extra time in Moshi, it's no problem, we can book extra nights in our nice hotel and meals for a very good price. Our hotel has a swimming pool, outside dining, internet cafe with multiple PC's (extra charges), a gift shop and loads of friendly people!

Hotel & Transport

Extra Hotel Nights

Room type
Single Double Triple
(B&B room prices in $) $50 $50 $75
Transfers to Moshi, Nairobi to Moshi Hotel, one way, per person (by scheduled shuttle bus, only one per day, takes full day): $40

Miscellaneous transfers:


- Transfer from Moshi to Arusha Town will be US$ 90 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way and two ways will be US$ 180 per car. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 120 one way, and two ways will be US$ 240.

- Transfer from Moshi to Arusha Airport will be US$ 100 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way and two ways will be US$ 200 per car. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 140 one way, and two ways will be US$ 280.  

- Transfer from Moshi to Dar es Salaam will be US$ 550 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 750 one way.

- Transfer from Moshi to Nairobi will be US$ 500 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 650 one way.  

- Transfer from Moshi to Mombasa will be US$ 480 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 600 one way.  

- Transfer from Moshi to Namanga Boarder will be US$ 180 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 280 one way.  

- Transfer from Moshi to Taveta Boarder/Kenya boarder will be US$ 100 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 200 one way.  

- Transfer from Moshi to Karatu will be US$ 200 per car (5 - 9seaters) one way. And for a 10 - 24 seaters bus is US$ 300 one way.