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Tips about Elbrus and Russia



Russia is quite a different place, so prepare for a small culture shock. 

But the people are friendly and will try to help you as much as is possible.


Time to climb and seasons:  The mountains will be really cold in winter, spring and autumn, so climb in the 'warm' months: June- September. Check out the FAQ about weather and equipment here
Language: some people will speak a few words of English, but most will speak Russian only, so bring a Russian guide. In Moscow many people speak English, but only in the center of the city
Money:  Rubles, Check your bank or the internet for the latest currency values. Be sure to exchange enough $$$ in Moscow as this will be a problem in the Baksan valley 
Visa:  Most foreigners need a visa to enter. Get an invitation from a Russian travel agent or hotel and you will be able to buy one at your local consulate. There are many hotels that offer this service (faxing an invitation) for about $50; when you arrive you will have to check in your visa, which will be validated the next day. Detailed information is to be found in the FAQ section
Food and drinks:  This is the land of Vodka! Bit also here is an abundance of Pepsi and Coca cola and Fanta; the water is mostly very clean and tastes good; there are several mineral springs in the valley. The food is simple but nice, lots of cabbage, soups and meat; also some simple salads can be available.
Vaccinations: Not necessary 
Politics and other hazards: Of course the reason that the Caucasus appeared on the world map is because of the endless war in Chechnya, which is only about 200km away, but there are a lot of high mountains in between, so little of the war is noticeable in the Valley. There are no strong separatist forces in the Elbrus region, although there is a 'weight control' post on the way to MRV where they don't check your weight!