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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips. 

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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About the trips: terms & conditions, useful info and more : Can I climb during the rainy seasons?  

Q: could you please tell me when the rainy season hits Kilimanjaro - would I be able to climb throughout March and May? And how about November?


There are 2 rainy seasons in east Africa. Though the dates are not exect of course roughly these fall between end of March until the beginning of June.
The shorter rainy season is usually in November.

It does not mean all day monsoon rains, but normally just a few regular and refreshing showers in the afternoon.

I would like to give some general info to correct some common misperceptions about the rainy season:

- During rainy season it rains all day long
- Outside of rainy season it doesn't rain

- The months can change per year, sometimes there is no real season at all.
- The length of the rainy season will change per year.
- It can rain any day on Kilimanjaro and mostly will, at least on the first and last day when traversing the rainforest (what's in a name ;-)
- Above 4000m the rain can just as easily be snow. Most of it will be gone the day after.
- There will be a higher chance of clouds, especially in the afternoon, so likely views will be of less quality. Though sometimes you might be above the clouds which is brilliant!
- There are fewer climbers on Kili during rainy season, but Kilimanjaro is perfectly climbable. The added weather challenge will make it a bit more serious, but also a lot more fun and interesting. Due to absence of large masses of tourists you will feel more solitude, which is nice.
- Same recommended trip length is valid for rainy season: 7 days absolute minimum, 8 or more recommended.

So, don't let the rainy season stop you, but see it as an opportunity to enjoy nature in a less crowded setting!

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