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Routes to the summit of Africa


Kilimanjaro is a non technical mountain that can be climbed by anyone with a fair condition, patience and some $$. Here are the most used routes to climb to its summit. Move your mouse over the names to the right of the picture to see the route projected on the sketch. Click the names for a detailed day to day itinerary of the route.

(sketch by Mike Mannion, additional art by 7summits)

Click on the route name for a detailed itinerary:

Machame | Machame/Breach | Marangu (tourist) | Umbwe/Breach | Umbwe/Machame 

Lemosho (shira)/Breach | Lemosho (Shira)/Machame | Rongai/Loitokitok

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New: check out the new Waypoints page for GPS waypoints for the Machame route

Don't postpone your trip to Kili too long as you might miss one of the most prominent features: the snow and ice... Unfortunately the beautiful Kili glaciers are retreating fast (last year the NY post mentioned that they all might be gone in 15 years!)