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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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About the trips: terms & conditions, useful info and more : What gear do I need for Kilimanjaro and what can I rent?  

Q: What gear do I need for climbing Kilimanjaro with and can I rent some gear in Tanzania?


This is not a technical mountain so no climbing gear is needed (unless you decide to climb the Heim glacier).

Needed is:

- A daypack for your lunchpack, water and extra clothing for the day (see this FAQ about what bags you need)
- two waterbottles, or a 2 litre camelback. Note that the hose of the camelback will freeze, so if you use it in freezing temeratures you should blow the hose clean after every sip!
- Stiff but comfortablemountaineering boots (not double plastic, but preferably at least semi-crampon proof). They should be worn/broken in before the trip, else blisters could end your trip!
- Gore-tex or similar Jacket and pants. You will walk through the rainforest which earns it's name with pride!
- A hat or cap to protect you from the rain and the sun
- A thick fleece sweater (or 2 thin ones, depending on your ability to stand cold, it might be a few degrees below 0 (Celsius) in the evenings (in the 20's Fahrenheit). A down jacket might be nice for camp.
- Thermal underwear
- Good sun/glacier glasses

- a torch/head light: for the nights in camp, maybe the last part of the first day and the summit night! Bring enough (new) batteries and make sure it is switched off during travel and in your tent.
- Gloves: it will get cold on summit night and in the mornings on the mountain as well. You can bring very light gloves to protect your hands during the day (prevent sunburn etc).
- Walking poles, not to be missed for the dangerous and slippery descent. Even the most experienced guides slip on their way down! Also the poles will keep your knees in shape... Telescopic poles are advised.
- a sleeping bag, depending on your body temerature and if you are 'warm' sleeper, at least a 0 degrees Celsius (32F), but for some people warmer is needed, (up to -12C/10F).

- also a bag is needed for the gear/clothing the porters will be carying for you. You can take a large backpack or a duffel. The porters will never carry a backpack on their back, it is quite funny to see. They carry everything on their heads. They usually stuff one or 2 backpacks/duffels or one backpack and some food or kitchen gear into a larger plastic bag and carry this. You only carry your day pack or small backpack with rain gear, a warm sweater, drinks, camera etc. The strong plastic bags can be rented in teh hotel.

So bring your own large backpack or duffel bag and give it to the porters every morning. They will divide everything in the best way amongst them. If it's possible to lock it, bring a lock to avoid any confusion. Though we know all porters and trust them, also other company's porters might pass the camps before you arrive. Also sometimes clients have accused the porters of stealing things that later on re-appeared in the stuff they left locked in the hotel!

Advisable is:

- Aspirin: you will encounter some headaches; forget the diamox, this is not advisable as it may get you killed if it takes away the symptoms of altitude disease. If you do take it, discuss it well with your doctor before and try it out at home and drink extra (extra extra) during usage as it is a diuretic.
- Loads of memory cards, batteries and a few camera's! Don't waste too much battery by editing/deleting or watching your pictures/videos on the mountain, as you might need the battery later; better to take extra memory cards and delete the bad pictures back down after recharging. Take an extra battery, just for summit day, as the cold will drain it quickly.
- If you go on safari, take at least a 300mm zoom lens, else you will regret it!

Tents, matresses, cooking gear, utensils etc are included. Note that our mattress is sturdy and basic, they are built to last and are sufficient for most people. If you have a mat at home (even a simple foam mat or a therm-a-rest etc), you can bring it: it will make the nights more comfortable and warmer, and you won't have to carry it anyway!


Check the following list of rentals and decide what you want to bring or rent. Note that there is zero guarantee that these are actually available, as they can be rented out just before you inquire, they can return from a previous climb broken or dirty or not at all etc.)

Equipment List (estimated price pp per trip, prices can differ per brand/condition, these need to be paid in the gear room in the hotel.)

EXAMPLE PRICE LIST FOR EQUIPMENT HIRE (PAID AT HOTEL). Please note that these are often not western standards top quality gear (as you can see by the rental prices). We strongly recommend that you bring at least your own boots (to avoid blisters) and sleeping bag (as you know what you are comfortable in).

Rucksack/Daypack $12
Mont bell Sleeping Bag (25C-35C.Temp) or similar $40
Ponchour Heavy/Western/Europe $18
Poncho Light/Local $12
Socks $4
Duffel Bag $6
Hiking Poles (2) $12
Gaiters $8
Torch/Flashligh(We have Few) $8
Gloves $6
Sweater $5
Sunglasses (We have Few in Store) $8
Long Underwear (We have Few)  $5
Raincoat $6
Raincoat - GoreTex, Waterproof $12
Rain Pants $12
Hiking Boots $9
Water Bottle $5
Fleece Pants $6
Warm Jacket GoreTex or similar $12
Warm Jacket/Down Jacket $8
Hat or Neck Scarf: $6

We provide tents and foam sleeping pads at no charge, see above.
Sunglasses are available for purchase in the gift shop for $12-$15
 Each Oxygen Cylinder - available for $ 12/ Day / @ group of 4 pax

 Hyperbaric Pressure Bag (Gamow Bag): $130/group/trip

As you can see, many things can be rented but we mostly offer the rental as a service for people who forgot things or whose bags were lost...
We recommend you bring as much of your own gear as possible as you will be sure it fits and you like it... And you will need it for your next mountains!


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