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FAQ about Trips, Expeditions & Safari

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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About the trips: terms & conditions, useful info and more : How do I book a Kilimanjaro or safari trip?  

Q: How do I book a Kilimanjaro or safari trip, should I join a group?? And how can I pay?


7summits offers only fully tailored trips, so you will never be entered in a strange group unless you would like that (it can be cheaper to share a car on safari for instance).
This also means that we do not have fully fixed itineraries for your trip, but we enjoy thinking together with you about the best way to enjoy Tanzania within the limits of your available time and budget.

Please follow these steps; it is useful to start the booking process a few months in advance, especially when you want to go in high season (August/september), else there might be limited space left.

The booking process:
* You decide if you want to climb Kilimanjaro, go on safari or a combination.
* You decide the route on Kilimanjaro and the # of days. If you have no idea or would like advice, just ask us, we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Together we will create the best trip possible, tailored to your preferences, needs, budget and timeframe.
* After we agree on the best trip for you we will make an online itinerary form with all the detailed prices and daily details. You should fill this out, sign it and send it back, either as an email attachment (PDF/Jpg/Ti, a scan/photo etc) or fax it back. (we need a signature for legal reasons).
* Then you should confirm your flight if you have not done so already and pay an deposit payment to secure your place on the trips. This is normally about 15% of the total trip costs, unless the trip starts within 90 days, then the full payment is needed (unless agreed otherwise, please ask if needed).
* if anything has to be changed, for example your flights do not match the schedule, or your friends decide to come after all, then we will adjust it! If the price per person decreases because the group is larger, then everybody will pay the lower costs. If the costs of our trips go up between agreeing on your trip and the trip itself, then your costs will never rise.
* The latest 90 days before the beginning of the trip you should pay the remainder of the sum.
(see also the FAQ about the terms and conditions)

We normally accept bank transfers only, either in Euro or USD. Paypal (from account or Credit Card) is possible, but it will increase the costs by 5-10% as this is what they charge us in total.

We think that a Kilimanjaro trip is more than just a hard mountain hike, it's a personal experience, that's why we take our time and create the best possible itineraries together with our clients.
We also think it is a shame not to go on a safari when you are in Africa; it's really something you should have done in your life. Together with you we will create a trip of a lifetime!


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