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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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Q: Where is Moshi, Kilimanjaro and how do I get there from my country?

Kilimanjaro is based in Tanzania, just below the border with Kenya.
Moshi is the base of all climbs and is located at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro and is near the Kilimanjaro international airport (one hour transfer).

* Getting to Moshi:

General: there are 2 choices of getting to Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro:

(1) fly to Kili airport directly, near Moshi, We will pick you up at the airport or drop you ff for $20 one way per person (a bit less for larger groups).
The airport code is: JRO and Ethiopian and KLM/Kenya/NW/AF airways serve it as well as some budget airlines. Usually people connect in Amsterdam (AMS) or in Ethiopea.


(2) You can fly to Nairobi International airport first, Jomo Kenyatta International: Airport code NBO, most of the international carriers have scheduled flights to Nairobi.
In this case you will need a shuttle bus from Nairobi-Moshi, it leaves at 0800 in the morning and takes about 8-9 hours, costs are $40 pp oneway, (see the FAQ for all the detailed info about the shuttle) or book a plane, about $150-$250 one way. It will be much cheaper if you book this flight from your home as part of your total international ticket/itinerary.

If you fly directly to Kilimanjaro airport then the tickets are a bit more expensive, but you save 2-3 days of travel (from and to Nairobi), shuttle costs ($80 pp) and costs for a Kenyan visa (at least $50) and probably one or 2 hotelnights in Nairobi, where a safe room might easily be over $100-200 per night.
Also Kenya has had negative travel advice lately, so if possible we urge you to go to Kili airport (JRO) directly (we will pick you up/drop you off at this airport for $20 pp oneway.)


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