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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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Q: I want to climb Kilimanjaro and go on safari. What should I do first?


Both are possible. We can organize any trip you like in any order and any length.
Most people climb first and afterwards go on safari as the safari is obviously more relaxed and it feels like a nice reward :-)

But it actually makes a lot of sense to go on safari first, especially if you do not have time to take a rest day after landing (see this FAQ about the advantages of taking a rest day). Your digestive system gets time to adjust to the timezone while on safari, so your body will be stronger and more effective when starting the climb afterwards.

When going on safari first you do not only acclimatize to the temperature and culture, you even acclimatize a bit to the altitude as the parks are located in the highlands with the NgorNgoro lodges and campsites above 2200m / 7200ft. This might not seem much, but might make a difference between a hard and a comfortable climb.


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