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FAQ about Trips, Expeditions & Safari

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips. 

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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Q: Do I have to say in advance how long my climb will be? What if I chose a short climb and I feel sick and want to stay longer so I can summit?
What if I get down sooner, do I get a refund?


You have to let the park and us know in advance how many days you are going to climb. You cannot choose a 6 day climb and then on day 6 notice that you are not acclimatised enough and that you want to stay extra nights.

- First of all we need to pay the full park fees/permit in advance, before your arrival. This means that overstaying your permit is a serious violation which will be fined.
- Secondly we only take enough food and supplies for the intended climb length
- Thirdly our guides, cooks and porters might be scheduled for a new climb immediately after etc.

It is possible to get off the mountain sooner than planned, for example when you descend all the way from the summit to the park gate on your second to last day, making it your last day instead.
You do not have to stay the agreed length on the mountain of course, shorter is always possible, but there will be no refund of park fees and you will have to pay for extra nights in the hotel, meals etc.


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