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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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What happens after I land in Tanzania?  

Q: What happens after I land in Tanzania? Will I be picked up? What if something goes wrong?
How does it work over there?


First of all, you are landing in Africa. Africa is different from the western continents most of the climbers come from: it is more relaxed :)
So the moment you touch down, you need to let your stress behind in the luggage compartment above you (be careful, it might have shifted during landing).

You might want to print this page out for reference.

If you land on Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO, between Arusha and Moshi) you will need to fill out a card that are lying around everywhere and show this together with your visa (in your passport). This will be checked briefly and you will be able to pick up your luggage.

If you do not have a visa yet, you can simply purchase one after arriving. This might be faster or slower than being in the line with a visa, depending on the other travellers.

After leaving the luggage hall you will enter a small waiting area where many people will be waiting to pick people up, one of them will be holding up a sign with your name (although sometimes it is spelled just a bit different, so be flexible). The sign normally says "Springlands Hotel" and/or "".

If you are extremely early then it might happen our driver is not yet there though normally he is there way ahead of time. Just wait until the regular landing time and he will appear.

If really no-one arrives for whatever reason (might be a broken down car) please try to call this number: +255 27 27 50233 (or +255 27 27 53581) and ask our people there what is going on.

If all else fails you can take a taxi to our hotel:

Springlands Hotel
Pembo Road, Pasua Area, Moshi

(And if it's our fault we will refund you for the taxi of course.)

The driver/guide will probably have to wait for others from the same plane before you can take off. Your luggage will be loaded into our van or bus and you will take off to Moshi. The ride takes about 45-60 minutes and if it's dark, it will be really dark :-) Welcome to Africa!

After 45min you will enter Moshi and leave it again on the east side as our hotel is located just outside the city. The last part is on a bumpy road but that only last a few minutes and you will enter the guarded gates of our hotel.

Please go to the reception to check in, you will be asked to fill out a form with your name, number of nights etc. This is for the hotel administration. Don't worry, we know you are going to climb.

You will receive a room key so you can freshen up. If it's still morning you can take a dive in the pool or check your email in the internet room (paid separately).

Before you go climbing or go on safari you will be asked to sign a standard disclaimer releasing us from any thing that might happen out of our control (including but not limited to rockfall, avalanche, bad weather, animals, terrorism etc.).
For climbers using the Western Breach there will be a separate disclaimer as this route is more dangerous due to possible rockfall and the high camp in the crater.

If you are returning to the hotel after your climb (almost everybody does, unless you go directly to the airport after coming down) you can leave unneeded luggage behind, it will be locked and guarded in a special room inside our guearded hotel walls, all is very safe.

All drinks and extra food you consume while staying in the hotel will be added to your bill (you sign for it when receiving), which has to be paid when you check out.

Enjoy the friendly staff, if you have any problems just ask and it will be worked out for you.

Enjoy your stay in Tanzania!
We really appreciate it if you let us know afterwards how you liked our services, both before as well as during your trip.

If you have tripreports or nice pictures, we will add them to the site if you like, so you can send them as ecards!

Thanks in advance, have fun and let us know how you enjoyed Tanzania and your trips :-)

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