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FAQ about Trips, Expeditions & Safari

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:

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What is included in the trip costs when I book a Safari trip?  

Q: What is included in the trip costs when I book a safari trip with What are the additional costs?


Our Safari prices include:</B><!-- SPCode End -->

* Transport with driver/guide in 4x4 vehicles with viewing roof
* Camping fees or lodge accommodation
* All meals (including cook on camping safari)
* Camping equipment, if necessary (you need your own sleeping bag)
* National Park gate fees
* Park commission
* Government tax
>Not included:</B><!-- SPCode End -->

* Flights to Tanzania or Kenya
* Drinks
* Tips ($15/day for driver/guide and $10/day for cook (basic camping), per group/car)
* Visa (when you fly into Nairobi you need 2 visa, one for Kenya and one for Tanzania, <!-- SPCode u2 Start --><A HREF=\"?display=faq&nr=17&catnr=5&prog=p1&lang=en\" TARGET=\"_top\">please see the FAQ about Visa</A><!-- SPCode u2 End -->)
* Lodging before and after the trip (the Kili trips do have two nights included, so booking a climb just before or after the safari will save money).

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