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Types of Tanzanian Safari 



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There are 4 types of Safari, on each type of trip you will get a private car, driver and cook, just the places you sleep are different. In ascending order of price:

Please see the trip page for the latest prices

  • Camping trip: Here you will sleep in tents/sleeping bags (2 persons in 3 person tents) on campsites in or near the parks; your cook will prepare your food. Due to longer set-up times we recommend at least 5 days when you want to see the Serengeti as part of the safari. There are 3 campsites: 
    • Twiga by Lake Manyara 
    • Kudu by Ngorongoro Crater
    • Seronera Campsite by Serengeti
  • Lodge Safari: you will sleep in Lodges placed on nice spots in the park. These are hotels where you will eat breakfast, dine and sleep. They will supply a lunch package for the game drives. There are 5 lodges available:  
    • Lake Manyara Hotel 
    • Seronera Lodge (Serengeti)
    • Lobo Lodge (Serengeti) 
    • Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge
    • Highview Hotel (Karatu/NgoroNgoro) 
  • Tented lodges are a bit of a luxury mix of camping and lodges; think of it as "out of Africa" lodging...  Beds in larger tents, with washing basins etc. Note that there is no Tented Lodge in the NgoroNgoro crater: though we can include the crater in the itinerary, you cannot sleep inside.
    • Migunga Camp (Lake Manyara) 
    • Porini (Tarangire) 
    • Ngaresero Lodge (Lake Natron) 
    • Ikoma Bush (West Serengeti)
    • Serengeti Wild camp (Central Serengeti)