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Summit of South America, 6962m

Aconcagua, the 'stone sentinel' is a mountain with many faces, situated near the Argentinean/Chilean border. 

Almost 7km in altitude it can be walked al the way to the summit via the normal route without needing crampons. The steep 2.5km high south face offers extreme mixed routes which are amongst the most difficult on earth...

Aconcagua is often underestimated which has resulted in serious injuries and death, mostly on the normal route. The extreme cold, stormy winds and altitude make this mountain a serious undertaking. Enjoy the summit of the Andes!

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Aconcagua's Polish glacier as seen from Casa de Piedras, 3000m; click for details and to send it as an eCard in our picture gallery!

Facts & Figures
Original name Cerro Aconcagua (Cerro means Hill)
Height 6962 meters or 22,841 feet. This makes it not only the highest peak of the Andes and South America, but in fact the highest point outside of Asia.
Location: 32 39' S Latitude, 70 14' W longitude
First Ascent: Mathias Zurbriggen, 1897
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