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Route maps and names on Aconcagua


The 3 most used routes are the Normal route, the Polish traverse route and the Polish glacier route. The first two are non technical and are offered as fully serviced trips by, see the trips page


But there are numerous other routes for more technical climbers, take a look at the routes on the different faces on these maps:



ROUTE MAPS (click to enlarge)

South Face

1-Sun Line 2-Eslovenian 82 3-Polish variant 4-French variant 5-French 6-7 Upper and lower Argentines variant 8-Messner variant 9-Japanese variant 10-Russian roulette 11-Fonrouge/Schonberger 12-French direct 13-Eslovenian 86 14- Argentine route



East Face

16-Argentine Route 17-Polish Glacier-18 Polish variant 19-Polish Glacier direct 20-Spanish variant



Northwest Face

25-Normal Route 26- Mendocinian Guides Route 28- West Face 30- Esteban Escaiola route


29-Mendocinian Route (Tapia) 31-Ibanez/Grajales/Marmillod 32-Zabaleta variant 33-Mendocinos Variant




Aerial overview: Maps

There are no good maps available of Mt Aconcagua. There are 4 different military maps, that -combined- give quite a good picture (but as you can see the contour lines don't connect on the different parts). The intersection of the maps is just besides the summit, so depending on the route you might need to buy 2, 3 or 4 of these maps...

The Polish traverse or Falso de los Polacos route is marked, the normal route can be found easily as well. Click to enlarge (330k)


This map only shows the major ridges and the last parts of the major routes; click to enlarge (410k).


Thanks to Kelly for supplying these maps


Aerial overview: sketch 

As supplied by the park when buying a permit, click for a large version with legend (218kB)

Aerial overview: satellite 

Click the maps to enlarge


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* See also the maps page for a map of Mendoza

* See the trips page for fully serviced trips by to the Normal route & the Polish traverse route.