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Maps of Aconcagua & Mendoza

Below are maps of Aconcagua and Mendoza, click the maps to enlarge (new window).

 See also the detailed routes page.

There are no good maps available of Mt Aconcagua. There are 4 different military maps, that -combined- give quite a good picture (but as you can see the contour lines don't connect on the different parts). The intersection of the maps is just besides the summit, so depending on the route you might need to buy 2, 3 or 4 of these maps...

The Falso de los Polacos route is marked, the normal route can be found easily as well. Click to enlarge (330k)

Thanks to Kelly for supplying these maps

This map only shows the major ridges and the last parts of the major routes; click to enlarge (410k).
  • Green route: Polish Glacier
  • Red route: Falso de los Polacos / traverse route via alternative approach (end of Vacas valley)
  • Blue route: Normal route.
This schematic map is issued at the permit office and shows the different routes, basecampsites and the services in the area (214kb)
This is the map of Mendoza City centre. 


The street numbers initiate at zero around the intersection of Avenida San Martin and Hipolito Irigoyen (off the bottom of the page, about five blocks south of the number 3).

IMPORTANT: Permits to access the park's premises are now only issued at Dirección de Recursos Naturales Renovables, (located in Parque San Martín). Now you cannot go to the official permit office (or 'subsecretario de Turismo'),  located on the main street Av. San Martin anymore.


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