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Books about Aconcagua

There were not many useful books about Aconcagua, That's why Harry Kikstra of wrote a practical guide. Secor's book offers an over view of more technical routes.

There are also a few videos/DVD's on the market, check out the Video page.

Aconcagua, Summit of South America, by Harry Kikstra (


Aconcagua is the first of the new Rucksack Pocket Summits series: 96 pages (105x145 mm) with wraparound map flap, open-flat binding and waterproof paper.

Of the seven continental summits, Aconcagua (at 6962 m/22,840 ft) lies second only to Everest. Yet it is surprisingly free of snow and ice, and experienced hikers can reach the roof of the Americas without technical expertise. However, it is one of the world’s highest and toughest treks.


Author Harry Kikstra from has summited twice, and explains in detail how to tackle the main trekking routes (Normal and Polish Traverse), as well as giving a useful summary on the technical Polish Glacier route. This pocket-sized book contains all you need to plan and enjoy your summit attempt:

- concise advice from an expert about preparation, planning and choosing your gear

- detailed information about altitude effects and sickness, and how to monitor and prevent them

- fold-out map showing the routes, also enlargement of summit area
- 96 waterproof pages with open-flat binding
- in full colour, with 60 photographs.

You can buy it at, click here: Aconcagua (Rucksack Pocket Summits) 

See more info about the book including some sample Chapters in PDF format here.

Book cover

Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide
by R.J. Secor

Don't leave home without it! Mr. Secor has written several mountaineering 'bibles, including Denali, Mexican Volcanoes and this one. It contains info on 27 routes (!), although most info is very concise. 

Still the best way to prepare though. Including sketched maps, and lots of practical info 

(average Amazon review:4 out of 5 stars)

Aconcagua: The Stone Sentinel
by Taplin.

The book is out print. Has anyone read it? Please give me feedback!


Marc Gibbens sent us the following report:

"As for the book, I was disappointed. I am going by a different route and was just looking for some insight into the mountain. What I got was a read on a dysfunctional climb with people who had unrealistic expectations of the mountain based on their training and experience. The book narrates through each person of the climb giving their thoughts as they go along at each point of the climb. The book never really gets into the mountain, the history, or what it takes to climb such a high mountain. It is really just a bunch of people complaining about one another. I will try and put something together for the website soon as I am just very busy right now preparing for my trip, but to be honest, I could of used my reading time better in regards to the trip."

"Aconcagua:Guia Practica
de ascensiones y trekkings" by Heber Orona
 (Desnivel Ediciones, 2002)
Have not read it myself, anuone with a copy? Apparently although in Spanish it has excellent graphics info and good route descriptions.