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Organized trips and expeditions: Polish Glacier route offers fully serviced trips from Mendoza, Argentina on the Normal route and the Polish traverse route.
Below is the information about our Polish Glacier route program; Check here for the prices and dates.


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Please also read the FAQ about the Aconcagua trips about what's included etc.


Dates & Prices Normal route Polish Traverse Polish glacier F.A.Q.



The normal routes on Aconcagua can be climbed without any technical experience, but should not be underestimated. General mountaineering experience is certainly needed to avoid injury or death, even on the "Normal route".


For the first time we also offer the more technical Polish Glacier route, and ascent using the beautiful glacier ending right below the summit.

On our Polish Glacier approach route you will ascend slowly. This route follows the Polish Traverse Glacier route until the beginning of the glacier, and goes right up!

This means you will be able to enjoy the more wild and remote Vacas valley (less than 15% of the climbers use this route, 85% use the normal route!), but do need crampons ice axes, technical mountaineering experience etc.


This route is recommended for it's beauty and versatility and a great way to climb technical ice at 6000+ meters. We use one guide for max 2 persons, but you can come with a bigger group of course, we will just use more guides.



Itinerary Polish glacier route

 Day    Itinerary (Height in meters) 
 01 Mendoza (760m)
Transfer to the Hotel. Lodging. 
 02 Mendoza / Puente del Inca (2725m).
Procure of permits. Welcome lunch. Transfer to Puente Del Inca. Lodging in hostal. Dinner.
 03 Puente del Inca / Pampa de Leñas (3100m).
Transportation to the Quebrada de Vacas. Beginning of the trekking to Pampa de Leñas. Camp. Dinner. 
 04 Pampa de Leñas / Casa de Piedra (3600m).
Trekking to Casa de Piedra.
 05 Casa de Piedra / Base camp Plaza Argentina (4000m).
Trekking to the Plaza Argentina base camp. Camp. Dinner.
 06 Plaza Argentina (4000m).
Resting day in the Plaza Argentina base camp.
 07 Plaza Argentina / Camp 1(4950m) / Plaza Argentina.
Transportation of material for the altitude to the camp 1, and return to Plaza Argentina.
 08 Plaza Argentina (4000m).
Resting day in Plaza Argentina.
 09 Plaza Argentina / Camp 1 (4950m).
Climb to Camp 1. Camp. Dinner.
 10 Camp 1 / Camp 2 (5800m) / Camp 1.
Transportation of material to Camp 2 and come back to Camp 1
 11 Camp 1 (4950m).
Resting day in Camp 1.
 12 Camp 1 / Camp 2 (5800m).
Climb to Camp 2. Camp. Dinner
 13 Camp 2 / Summit (6962m) / Camp 2.
Climbing day to the summit by way of the Polish Glacier Route and returning to Camp 2
 14 Extra day
 15 Extra day
 16 Camp 2 / Plaza Argentina.
Descent from Camp 2 to base camp. Dinner.
 17 Plaza Argentina / Pampa de Leñas.
Descent from Base camp to Pampa de Leñas. Camp. Dinner
 18 Pampa de Leñas / Puente del Inca / Mendoza
Descent from Pampa de Leñas to Quebrada de Vacas. Transfer to Mendoza, lodging in Hotel (B&B, no dinner).
 19 Airport.
Transfer to the airport. End of the services


Extra Acclimatisation Program (EAP):

Note that the standard programs might be too fast for some people. If you acclimatise slowly, then you can book the Extra Acclimatisation Program, in which you start 3 days before the main group (basically a private trip). This gives you extra time to acclimatise in Basecamp (3 extra nights including a training ascent), where the rest meets you.


Costs depend on EAP group size. Even if you book alone, if others book the same EAP, you will get the discount!

1 climber only: $580 per person (Normal route or Traverse).

2 Climbers per EAP group: $435 pp

3 or more Climbers per EAP group: $390pp


Note that if there are less than 4 passengers in the EAP group, the transportation from Mendoza to Puente del Inca will be in the regular bus.


Click here for the other programs and dates & prices:


Dates & Prices Normal route Polish Traverse Polish glacier F.A.Q.




Read all about Aconcagua, the history, the practical info and detailed description of the 2 most used routes in the recently published new guidebook: Aconcagua, summit of South America




Bookings: email us for bookings or special requests!