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FAQ about Trips, Expeditions & Safari

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Kilimanjaro and Safari trips. 

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Kilimanjaro Trips FAQ:


Can I climb during the rainy seasons?
  Can I decide on the mountain to stay longer? A refund if I get off early?
  Can I fly out the same day after climbing?
  Can I use a credit card, cash or travellers cheques?
  Can young children climb Kilimanjaro?
  Climb without porters or guides?
  Do I need technical insurance for a Kilimanjaro trip?
  Do you organize Zanzibar trips or tickets?
  Do you use oxygen on Kilimanjaro? Other companies do?
  How do I book a Kilimanjaro or safari trip?
  How do I get from Nairobi, Kenya to Moshi, the base of Mt Kilimanjaro?
  How experienced are the guides on Kilimanjaro?
  How long should a Kilimanjaro trip be? What if I want to sleep in the crater?
  How much should I tip the Kilimanjaro and safari guides, cooks and porters?
  I am a single climber, can I join a group?
  I need a local street address for my visa application?
  International travel: How do I get to Moshi, Kilimanjaro?
  Is it wise to have a rest day after I land in Tanzania?
  Is the water safe to drink?
  Should I go on safari first or climb Kilimanjaro first?
  Vaccinations: what should I get and why? How to stay healthy?
  What are the terms & conditions I will sign for?
  What bags do I need for the climb?
  What gear do I need for Kilimanjaro and what can I rent?
  What happens after I land in Tanzania?
  What is included in the trip costs when I book a Kilimanjaro trip?
  What is included in the trip costs when I book a Safari trip?
  What is the best time/month to climb Kilimanjaro?
  What visa do I need to get for Tanzania & Kenya?
  Where do I leave luggage that's not needed?
  Why are there cheaper and much more expensive Kili trips out there?
  Why is summitday so long, can't we stay in high camp again?


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